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Helping You Find the Ideal Janome Sewing Machine for Your Project

Janome sewing machines make the ideal match for makers, educators, and artisans alike. A Janome sewing machine is synonymous with quality at any level, making it the perfect appliance for household sewists and businesses of all sizes. Janome machines offer an excellent balance of durability, quality, and, most importantly, affordability that make our valued customers happy. With almost every Janome on the market, even the most complex sewing projects feel comfortable and natural, owing much to these sewing dream machines’ ease-of-use. Ray's Sewing Centerin San Jose, CA, invites you to come in and experience what 100 years of quality sewing machine innovation feels like in your hands.

sewing blue fabric with sewing machine

A Full Complement of Features

Janome is world-famous for its wide range of durable, multi-functional machinery. Almost every model, whether home-based for beginners or industrial-grade for professionals, gives users easy, feature-packed operations for every type of project. Even seasoned sewists will be hard-pressed to find a more trusted line of name-brand machines for all their endeavors, including sewing, quilting,  dressmaking, embroidery,  serging, and more. Janome owes that continued faith and success to their lengthy list of innovative features, including:

  • Adjustable Foot Pressure & Knee Lifters
  • Up To 9 Inches Of Sewing Space
  • Up To 7-Piece Drop Feed Dogs (For Gripping And Sliding Fabric & Uniform Stitching)
  • Full Digitization with LCD Screens
  • Variable Cutting Widths That Can Exceed 7mm
  • Free Arm for More Sewing Space
  • Uninterrupted Fabric & Sewing Layer Speeds
  • Up To 1000 Stitches Per Minute
  • Quiet Operation
  • Light Weight
  • And more

The Advantages of Sewing with Janome

Though known for making high-end machinery, better suited for intermediate and advanced sewists, Janome has innovated their machinery again and again to fit modern demand. Today, they offer superior, feature-rich units at some of the industry’s most competitive prices, making them an ideal choice for hobbyists and professionals alike. In keeping with that innovation, Janome offers you various advantages that may be difficult to find among other brands. These include:

Affordable Innovation

Janome sewing machines provide the same top-quality features as other brands but at a fraction of the cost. Never cutting corners for production, they refuse to sacrifice capability for profits, and it shows in their competitive price tag and smooth operations.


Even with heavy use, Janome sewing machines are designed to last. With their sturdy construction and heavy metal frame, you can work on almost any material with confidence, including leather, denim, and even canvas.


Janome machines give you unmatched performance, versatility, and speed with almost any fabric or material. At up to 860 stitches per minute, it is one of the fastest, most efficient, multi-purpose sewing machines on the market.

Automated Operation

Many Janome machines have built-in, automated technology to give you the most effortless operation possible. Automatic built-in needle threaders, automatic bobbin winding, 1-step buttonholes, and reversible stitching are among the most popular features you will find.

Contact Ray's Sewing Center for Your Next Janome

Janome offers you one of the most exciting, no-frills sewing experiences you will find. With machines at every price point, it is no wonder they have become the appliances of choice for home sewists and professionals across the globe. Let Ray's Sewing Center pair you with the perfect machine and take your skills to new heights. Contact us for available models today.

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