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Discover the Best Elna Sewing Machines at Ray's Sewing Center

Elna sewing machines have a history of creative excellence and capability that reaches back to the 1940s. Since its inception, Elna has been the premier name in sewing for its capabilities, ease of use, and advanced sewing features. Only Elna offers the innovative, all-in-one design and practical automation our customers want. By improving their products year after year, Elna has become the premier name in sustainable sewing for just about every application. Elna seamlessly blends longevity, technological advancements, and user-friendly operation to give sewing beginners and experts alike a machine they can trust for life.

sewing machine

A Wide Array of Exciting Features

Born from efficient Swiss design, Elnas make the ideal companion for any sewing project, including sewing, patchwork and quilting, embroidery, serging, and more. Elna sewing machines are known worldwide for their multitude of advanced sewing features across various models, including:

  • Up To 70mm Of Sewing Space
  • Front Load Oscillating & Rotary Horizontal Hooks
  • Easy & Auto Declutch Bob Winders
  • Up To 4-Step Buttonholes
  • Integrated Needle Threaders
  • Up To 860 Stitches Per Minute (SPM)
  • LED Lighting
  • Vertical & Horizontal Spool Pins
  • Lever-Based Reverse Functionality
  • Up To 26 Different Stitches
  • And more

The Benefits of Owning an Elna Sewing Machine

All the features of Elna sewing machines combine to give operators a smooth, perfected sewing experience that has become synonymous with their brand. From the elnita to the eXtend, Elna machines make the ideal sewing companion in homes and businesses alike. They take you far beyond standard sewing operation, offering superior advantages such as:

Unmatched Speed

Elna makes a domestic sewing machine that feels like an industrial model. With speeds that reach up to almost 900 stitches per minute, Elnas have the capabilities to sew through just about anything.

Simple Operation

Elna has simplified its operations across all models to make sewing easy for all levels. From their basic vintage models to their computerized sewing marvels, Elna's uncomplicated operation makes them a must-have for any project.

Metallic Durability

Elna machines focus on durability and long life. In addition to their lifetime warranty, each machine is encased in a metal housing, so they never jump around on the table and cause uneven sewing issues.

Contact Ray's Sewing Center for Your New Elna Machine

Ray's Sewing Center invites you to make us your trusted resource and discover a better class of sewing machine in our San Jose, CA, location. We will help you find the Elna that’s right for you and make your next sewing project a masterpiece. Contact us today for pricing on our available Elna models.

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